Cranberry Country Weavers' Guild is an organization of handweavers dedicated to the exploration and educational aspects of preserving  the art of handweaving and other fiber arts and their relationship to weaving.
We welcome all interested  in handweaving  to join us!
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 Our meeting place is the West  Bridgewater Public Library, 80 Howard Street,   in West  Bridgewater , Massachusetts .  We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month except for the months July, August and December.   
 The meetings consist of a business meeting and  an educational program or hands-on workshop
 about a technique of handweaving or project. We meet from 10:30am- 2:00 ,sometimes, 3:00PM.
Driving Directions to  the West Bridgewater Public Library
Directions to West Bridgewater Library: 
From the North:
Take route 24 south to exit 16A.
Follow route 106 east for approximately 1.6 miles.
At blinking yellow light past High School, (middle/senior high school)
turn left onto Howard St. Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL, #80 Howard St., 
is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or left side lot of building. 
From the South:
Take route 24 north to exit 16A   Follow route 106 east for approximately 1.6 miles.
At blinking yellow light past High School, (middle/senior high school)
Turn left on to Howard Street  Follow curve to right, pass two houses 
and WBPL, #80 Howard St.,  is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or left side lot of building. 
or...From the South:  
Rte. 495 to Exit 7 for Rte. 24 North. Take Exit 16A for Rte. 106 East into West Bridgewater. Pass through 1 set of traffic lights  (at Hockomock Ctr.). Pass West Bridgewater High School on left. At blinking yellow light past High School, turn left onto Howard St.
Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL is brick building on right. Park in front lot or side lot of building. 
From the West:
Follow route 106 east.
Turn left on to Howard Street (right after the Middle / Senior High).
Follow Howard Street to 80 Howard St.  Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or side lot of building. 
From the East:
Take route 28 north from Bridgewater to route 106 west.
Follow route 106 west through the center of West Bridgewater.
Turn right on to Howard Street (right after the Police and Fire Station).
Follow Howard Street to 80 Howard St. 
From the East Bridgewater/Whitman area: 
Take Rte.18 South to Rte. 106 West. Continue past intersection of Rtes. 106 and 28 at lights
and proceed past WB Police station to blinking yellow light on 106 (before WBHS). 
Take a right on Howard St. The WBPL is around the curve on the right. 
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The Cranberry Country Weavers Guild is a contributing guild member of the New England Weavers Seminar held every two years.  The New England Weavers Seminar will be held in July 2019 at Smith College in Northampton MA.   Photos of the guild's exhibits at the conference  are below.   For more information about the New England Weavers Seminar  Click the link button  for N.E.W.S.  The next NEWS will take place July 2019!
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Cranberry Weavers Guild exhibit of the jackets woven by members . These photos were taken by C. Wooten at the New England Weavers Seminar held in July 2003
Carol's First place award winning jacket  NEWS 2003
and meeting dates-  February-May  2019

Warp Painting Workshop  at Prochemical and Dye in  April 2005
Carol  and her First Place  award winning shawl
Nancy and Florrie at NEWS  2005
Key note speaker, Anita Meyer  and Nancy R. discussing dye techniques at the Pro Chem booth  2005 at Merrimack College

Kathy helping  Betty
 take her fabric off 
the loom 
Betty  passed away last year of ALS. 
We miss her.                                   
held at Smith College, Northampton, MA                             July 2009

Ro, Nancy and Carol on the "runway".            
                                   Carol with her "BEST IN                                              SHOW" award jacket  
 part of the Faculty Exhibit
Maureen Chapman's award winning  tablecloth
Judy at her loom.
Becky from Becky's Vav Stuga, Shelburn Falls, MA
visiting  the guild to give a program
Ro and Joia during the 3-day 
 60 mile walk for breast cancer research, THE  #-DAY , SUSAN KOMEN , Walk for the Cure

The New England Weavers Seminar  2009
Detail of Carol's award winning  jacket
Carol's Hand dyed warp vest entry
Skirt woven by Nancy
Some of our members at lunch at NEWS
Cranberry's Guild Exhibit "Weaving GREEN"
A section of the Gallery Exhibit, Handpainted warp scarf- (red Ribbon award) Woven by Carol
Catherine, working hard at her loom
Warp dying workshop at Prochem's lab
Meetings begin at 10:30 AM
sharp in the Meeting Room at the
West Bridgewater Public Library, 80 Howard Street, West Bridgewater,MA.
Please park on the left-hand side of the building.
Associate members are reminded
to pay $5 per meeting
attended. Attendance is included in  yearly dues
for regular members.(see "join us" button for details of membership)
Carol's award winning scarf

Cranberry Country Weavers   will meet 
at the  West Bridgewater, MA, Public Library on Wednesday
September 18, 2019
 10:30 am. 



February 20, 2019
  My Life Has Been a Tapestry/ with skills workshop
Laurie Steger and Linda Rhynard

Tapestry by Carole King, Sony Music Publishing LLC
My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue,
An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view
A wonderous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold.

As we create and find moments to weave, so many memories flood back into our minds triggered by songs and lyrics that defined an era in our lives. Please think back to your days in the year of the “Summer of love”, and find a song lyric that uses textile metaphors to evoke emotions. Use that idea as the springboard to weave a piece of textile imagery that describes your experience as a youth. Try to write a few words that relate to your “Younger Girl” days to include in a design/storyboard.
This Project may be interpreted in any weaving technique that you desire. Emphasis is on developing design skills that translate to a personal storyline. The possibilities for a final presentation as an exhibition will be discussed with the members.  
Materials needed for participants to bring, if any: Please bring yarns, thrums, fabric scraps or embellishment materials ie: beads trims, vintage laces…to contribute to the Magical Mystery Carpet Bag. Sketch pad and markers or colored pencils. Supplies fee: $3.00

Laurie Carlson Steger is a fiber artist who has explored both traditional textiles and high-technology materials for textiles. She earned her MFA /Fibers and BFA /Textile Design from UMass Dartmouth. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has presented or taught workshops for NEWS, HGA Convergence, Textile Society of America, Potomac Weavers Guild, San Diego Creative Weavers Guild, and Boston Weavers Guild, and RI.  

Linda Rhynard is owner of Kindred Spirits Creations, a studio dedicated to teaching spinning and weaving in Bristol, RI. She is passionately engaged in Fiber Arts and teaching. She is a certified “Weaving a Life “ Instructor. Linda is a member of the Cranberry Country Weavers Guild, Weavers Guild of RI, and Bayberry Spinners. She teaches weaving at Museum Programs in the area. 

March  20, 2019
Norma Smayda
Weavers normally design on the grid, producing straight vertical and horizontal lines. We can create curvilinear warp and weft effects with overshot designs and undulating twills, although the warps and wefts remain straight. For actual movement in the warp the fan reed is a truly amazing and beautiful tool. This reed is composed of sections of dents that fan out from top to bottom alternating with sections of the opposite dent configuration. By weaving at different reed heights the warp ends move to create side-to-side vertical movement. Ondulé textiles are suitable for scarves and shawls, table runners and wall hangings. Color and weave structures effect the undulations caused by the fan reed. Examples will be shown. This is a Power Point presentation. Copies of Ondulé Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed will be available for sale.

Norma Smayda is a weaver, teacher, exhibitor and juror, who learned to weave in Norway, and has returned there to teach. She has an MFA in Visual Design from UMass Dartmouth. In 1974 she established and continues to run the Saunderstown Weaving School. Her weaving and teaching has been inspired by Scandinavian textiles, and the works of Weaver Rose and Bertha Gray Hayes. More recently she has immersed herself in weaving with fan reeds, and in exhibiting her ondulé textiles. In 2009 she coauthored Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes, and in 2017 published Ondulé Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed. She has received the New England Weavers Seminar's Weaver of Distinction Award and the Weavers Guild of Boston's Distinguished Achievement Award

April  17, 2019

 Messy spaces are the sign of a creative mind, right? If your weaving space is more depressing than inspiring, maybe a little organizing would help. Learn about studio organizing from the perspective of a former Professional Organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Come to class with a list of your problem areas and take home some ideas for making your space work for you.  Materials/Handouts Fee: $2.00
Susan Targove started weaving in 1998 as an escape from her office cubicle and eventually left the cubicle for a fiber studio.  Completely unable to say no, she is a former Dean of the Weavers’ Guild of Boston and currently serves on the boards for the Boston guild, the Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild and the New England Weavers’ Seminar.  She lives in Lunenburg with her engineer husband and two cats.

May 15, 2019 

All NEWS entries and  Guild  exhibition items should be brought to this meeting for  the show and tell and forms should be complete.  NEWS volunteer schedule established.
New Executive officers  named