Cranberry Country Weavers' Guild is an organization of handweavers dedicated to the exploration and educational aspects of preserving  the art of handweaving and other fiber arts and their relationship to weaving.
We welcome all interested  in handweaving  to join us!
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 Our meeting place is the West  Bridgewater Public Library, 80 Howard Street,   in West  Bridgewater , Massachusetts .  We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month except for the months July, August and December.   
 The meetings consist of a business meeting and  an educational program or hands-on workshop
 about a technique of handweaving or project. We meet from 10:00am- 2:00 ,sometimes, 3:00PM.
Driving Directions to  the West Bridgewater Public Library
Directions to West Bridgewater Library: 
From the North:
Take route 24 south to exit 16A.
Follow route 106 east for approximately 1.6 miles.
At blinking yellow light past High School, (middle/senior high school)
turn left onto Howard St. Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL, #80 Howard St., 
is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or left side lot of building. 
From the South:
Take route 24 north to exit 16A   Follow route 106 east for approximately 1.6 miles.
At blinking yellow light past High School, (middle/senior high school)
Turn left on to Howard Street  Follow curve to right, pass two houses 
and WBPL, #80 Howard St.,  is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or left side lot of building. 
or...From the South:  
Rte. 495 to Exit 7 for Rte. 24 North. Take Exit 16A for Rte. 106 East into West Bridgewater. Pass through 1 set of traffic lights  (at Hockomock Ctr.). Pass West Bridgewater High School on left. At blinking yellow light past High School, turn left onto Howard St.
Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL is brick building on right. Park in front lot or side lot of building. 
From the West:
Follow route 106 east.
Turn left on to Howard Street (right after the Middle / Senior High).
Follow Howard Street to 80 Howard St.  Follow curve to right, pass two houses and WBPL is brick building on right. 
Park in front lot or side lot of building. 
From the East:
Take route 28 north from Bridgewater to route 106 west.
Follow route 106 west through the center of West Bridgewater.
Turn right on to Howard Street (right after the Police and Fire Station).
Follow Howard Street to 80 Howard St. 
From the East Bridgewater/Whitman area: 
Take Rte.18 South to Rte. 106 West. Continue past intersection of Rtes. 106 and 28 at lights
and proceed past WB Police station to blinking yellow light on 106 (before WBHS). 
Take a right on Howard St. The WBPL is around the curve on the right. 
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The Cranberry Country Weavers Guild is a contributing guild member of the New England Weavers Seminar held every two years.  The New England Weavers Seminar will be held in July 2017 at Smith College in Northampton MA.   Photos of the guild's exhibit at the conference from 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009, 2011 and 2015 are below.   For more information about the New England Weavers Seminar  Click the link button  for N.E.W.S.  The next NEWS will take place July 2017!
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Cranberry Weavers Guild exhibit of the jackets woven by members . These photos were taken by C. Wooten at the New England Weavers Seminar held in July 2003
Carol's First place award winning jacket  NEWS 2003
  Program details
and meeting dates-  September  2016-May  2017
Warp Painting Workshop  at Prochemical and Dye in  April 2005
Carol  and her First Place  award winning shawl
Nancy and Florrie at NEWS  2005
Key note speaker, Anita Meyer  and Nancy R. discussing dye techniques at the Pro Chem booth  2005 at Merrimack College

Kathy helping  Betty
 take her fabric off 
the loom 
Betty  passed away last year of ALS. 
We miss her.                                   
held at Smith College, Northampton, MA                             July 2009

2015  JULY 9th-12th
The New England Weavers' Seminar: took place  at Smith College in Northampton, MA, See below the fun we had there!  Already looking forward to  2017!
Ro, Nancy and Carol on the "runway".            
                                   Carol with her "BEST IN                                              SHOW" award jacket  
 part of the Faculty Exhibit
Bycretia Chase's Pin jacket , titled: "Brest Color Pink", (middle) is Woven and has a handpainted lining.
Maureen Chapman's award winning  tablecloth
Judy at her loom.
Becky from Becky's Vav Stuga, Shelburn Falls, MA
visiting  the guild to give a program
Ro and Joia during the 3-day 
 60 mile walk for breast cancer research
Last August
The New England Weavers Seminar  2009
Detail of Carol's award winning  jacket
Carol's Hand dyed warp vest entry
Skirt woven by Nancy
Some of our members at lunch at NEWS
Cranberry's Guild Exhibit "Weaving GREEN"
A section of the Gallery Exhibit, Handpainted warp scarf- (red Ribbon award) Woven by Carol
Catherine, working hard at her loom
Warp dying workshop at Prochem's lab
Meetings begin at 10:30 AM
sharp in the Meeting Room at the
West Bridgewater Public Library, 80 Howard Street, West Bridgewater,MA.
Please park on the left-hand side of the building.
Associate members are reminded
to pay $5 per meeting
attended. Attendance is included in  yearly dues
for regular members.(see "join us" button for details of membership)
Carol's award winning scarf
New England Weavers Seminar  July 2015

  Endlessly Tireless Tabby (Session 1 of 2) with Barbara Herbster

If you think of plain weave only in terms of over one thread and under the next, then let this
 September lecture challenge your vision. Some of the most interesting and beautiful fabrics 
created have been in tabby structure.

“If only I had one more color, one more shaft, one more treadle...” Well for once let us assume you will be completely satisfied with what can be accomplished on 2 shafts. Your challenge for the April meeting can be anything created on an inkle, rigid heddle, tapestry, table or floor loom. Yes, Barbara will return for Session 2 in April and will moderate the resulting tabby products created by our members for our Cranberry NEWS Guild Exhibit “ONE UP ~ ONE DOWN”.

This is no pot holder lecture. We will explore Plain Weave with plenty of examples for you to handle. Together we will sort through what makes finger manipulated loom work set itself apart. See and be inspired to create textiles that a mill loom can only begin to imitate. All this on only 2 shafts! What heirloom can you weave? 

As you may know, Barbara feels strongly that information put to immediate use is best remembered. So monthly follow up reminders and photographs will be offered and we will share results in April.

Plan on taking lots of notes!

October 19  2016 

Viewing  and discussion of the “DVD “Weaving with Supplemental Warp” with Deb Essen 

Imagine being able to create different areas of pattern across the width of your cloth without having to worry about color
 blending, changing the tie-up, or using multiple shuttles! You can do it with supplemental warps!
Supplemental warps can also take your cloth into the third dimension with piqué, Bedford cord, and pile weaves. 
In this video, master weaver and teacher Deb Essen introduces you to weaving with supplemental warps without the
 need for a second 
warp beam.
In this video, you'll learn:
How to turn drafts to design textiles using supplemental warps
How to warp your loom using supplemental warps – no second back beam required!
An easier way to thread supplemental warps
Tips, tricks, and techniques for weaving with supplemental warps
Deb teaches you the whole process from design to warping and weaving supplemental warp fabrics, with tips and tricks throughout the video. Many of the designer fabrics you see are woven this way. Now you can bring all the design possibilities of supplemental warps to your own loom.

Did you miss our September presentation with Barbara Herbster kicking off our NEWS Guild Exhibit theme “ONE UP ~ ONE DOWN? Don’t worry, Paulette has prepared a recap to bring you up to date. Barbara will be back in April for Session 2 and will moderate our resulting tabby projects. We want everybody to be able to participate in April!

If there is anyone who is interested in entering the juried shows at NEWS this year, Kathy and Ro will be available at the October and November meetings to pick up entry packs. Do you have any questions about the entering process? This would be the perfect time to ask!

November 16, 2016 

 Guild Holiday Celebration – Potluck Luncheon and Gift Share

Our holiday celebration is a wonderful gathering of friendship and appreciation among the Cranberry members. Everyone is asked to bring a dish that will serve 4-6 people. Please remember to bring your own plate, silverware and napkin!

Also an annual event is the handwoven/handcrafted gift share. If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift that you have made or that someone else has made.

If you are interested in entering the juried shows at NEWS this year, Kathy and Ro will be available again in November to pick up entry pack and answer any questions you may have about the entering process.

January 18, 2017 

 Janney Simpson – Sakiori 

 Traditionally Sakiori is a Japanese technique of rag weaving. It was used primarily to re-create cloth, blankets, or new clothing from well-worn clothing. Often every thread was woven back into a new piece. Saki means "rag" and oru is "to weave". Sakiori was usually woven in plain weave with weft stripes and at times warp stripes were incorporated.
Janney says:
My interest in collecting Japanese textiles, particularly old kimonos, is to carefully disassemble them and prepare them for re-weaving. Although quite beautiful in plain weave, I have experimented with other weave structures as well to create functional yet non-traditional Sakiori textiles for the home. I am pleased to share this journey with you.
Janney Simpson began weaving in the early 1980's and currently teaches weaving at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT and also in Michigan in the summer. She is past president of the Handweavers Guild of CT and a 2011 Weaver of Distinction (CT). Janney enjoys teaching in her weaving studios both in Old Lyme and Gaylord, MI and collecting looms of all kinds, from inkle and band looms to computerized looms. She is particularly fond of creating one-of-a-kind pieces using Sakiori weaving techniques with old silk kimono and embellishing hand-woven fabric with beads, buttons and embroidery.

February 15, 2017 
 Judy Goodwin – Inkle Loom Weaving and Pick-Up 

Come learn how to use your inkle loom! We will plan a warp with a pick-up design and put a warp on your loom. By the end of class you should be weaving with your inkle, including pick-up designs. A discussion on what you can use your inkle loom for will be presented by Judy. She will also discuss the many books and DVD’s available on inkle weaving.

Judy has been playing with inkle looms for several years now and finds that, because of their portability, it is a wonderful take along for picnics or gatherings where you couldn’t bring a bigger loom. As a dealer for several companies carrying inkle looms, you will be able to purchase a loom from Judy for the guild discounted price (10% off the retail cost). This does need to be done prior to the meeting, so please let her know if you are interested and she will bring your loom to the meeting. 

What to bring:
• Your inkle loom (or money to buy your previously ordered one from Judy)
• Shuttle for loom
• Heddles (if you have them or know how to make them) 
• 10/2 cotton in two colors
• 5/2 cotton in one color (for the pick-up design) 
• Scissors
• Pencil and paper

September  21, 2016

Cranberry Country Weavers   will meet 
at the  West Bridgewater, MA, Public Library on Wednesday, OCTOBER  19, 2016
 10:30 am. 

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