Cranberry Country Weavers Membership Form                                                        

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: __________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________________________

Membership Type: 
______ $30.00 -Regular  1 year Membership


 PaymentChecks should be made out to 
“Cranberry Country Weavers” 

and mailed to:
Cranberry Country Weavers
c/o Jan Lyons
41 Panettieri Drive
Lakeville, MA 02347

We are asking every member to answer the follow page of Questions.

By answering the following membership questions, it will help the Committee Chairs to plan and to understand our guild members.  We hope that with this information we can bring a good variety of programs and knowledge to our members, whether beginner or advanced weavers.   All are welcome here.  



What type of loom do you have?   
Floor loom________  #shafts________  Rigid Heddle loom________ Tapestry loom________

Would you be willing to help your guild in any of the following ways?

Bring a dessert for a meeting?     Yes_____     No_____                                   

 Be a greeter at the monthly meetings to welcome first time visitors or new members and introduce them to other members? Yes______   No______

Work a shift for our Guild’s Volunteer hours quota at the NEWS Conference, usually held in July? Yes______   No______

Serve on a committee? Yes______ No______

Share and demonstrate a weaving technique at a meeting such as hemstitching, tubular edge, perfect selvedges tricks, 2 stick heading, fixing broken warp threads, or basic tips and tricks)?       
(Sorry, no $ compensation.) Yes______ No______      

Do you have access to a computer? Yes______ No______

Do you have or use a weaving program? Yes______ No______
If so, which one?________________________________________________________________    

 Do you have a weaving specialty in any particular weave structure? Yes______ No______  
Which Structure?________________ (example: overshot, huck, summer and winter, etc.)  
 If Yes, would you be willing to give a program to guild members? Yes______ No______   

House a speaker over night or a weekend? Yes______ No______
(Sorry, no $ compensation.)